Big House Publishing artist Bow Thayer has been singing and writing songs for as long as he can remember.  Making music is who he is. He has lived up to his “reputation as a sublimely gifted artist” by pursuing a creative vision that seeks to lead Americana music into the future.  Finally gaining national recognition, American Songwriter says this "onetime Levon Helm compatriot is the best artist to come from New England in recent years."

Bow made a name for himself in Boston with 7 League Boots, a rock/reggae band that shared the stage with the likes of Fugazi, The Mighty Might Bosstones, and Pearl Jam. Fifteen years ago he made a life-altering decision to leave the city for the Green Mountains of Vermont.  It was there that he explored the Delta blues playing slide guitar for the original Elbow and began a relationship with the banjo—both in the bluegrass group, The Benders, and on his own—that continues to this day. 

Bow’s music is always evolving—from luscious backwoods folk rock to the sonic exploration of his last album of all original material, Sundowser, that was co-produced and engineered by three-time Grammy winner Justin Guip (Levon Helm) and crafted on an instrument Bow designed—the Bojotar—in a studio he built with his own hands.   The Bojotar is a stringed instrument that incorporates elements of the banjo, resonator guitar, and conventional guitar.  An electric version is currently available for sale from the Eastwood/Airline Guitar Company.  Bow continues to develop new versions of this very personal and unique instrument and many Bojotars can be seen on his website.  As No Depression puts it, "You want inventiveness....I offer Bow Thayer."

Bow's newest release, The Source and The Servant, is a tribute to two legends that have influenced his development as an artist:   Dock Boggs and Mississippi Fred McDowell.  But this record is just not simply a homage to the foundations of American music.  Bow has re-invented these songs with new arrangements and lyrics, and performs most of them on different acoustic and electric versions of the Bojotar.   

While out on the road, Bow has enjoyed introducing his modern mountain music and the Bojotar to fans and friends alike, including some of his musical peers and heroes such as Bela Fleck, Richard Thompson, The Steep Canyon Ramblers and Warren Haynes.  Having played with these music luminaries as well as Levon Helm, John Hiatt, Booker T, and Ringo Starr, Bow has seen his fair share of travel across these United States of America and the World at large and plans to do more while supporting his records that feature his tales, truths and fantasies about the human condition.  Bow has devoted his life to spreading music wherever he goes and hopes you have the chance to catch an earful with him.  

Aspiring songwriters will also have an opportunity to play with and learn from Bow at the Alaskan Songwriters Workshop taking place July 24-27, 2017 in Talkeetna, AK.  Bow will join with acclaimed Nashville artist Tim Easton to provide three days and one night of one-on-one songwriting instruction, with an emphasis on both melodic and lyrical development, in one of the most beautiful and peaceful settings imaginable.  More information is available from the Workshop's creator, Nancy Cheslock of Tiny Raven Records.  Bow is presently booking a west coast tour in August 2017 that will follow a string of shows in Alaska, including two sets at Salmonfest on the Kenai Peninsula.   

For further information, see Bow's website and his Wikipedia page.  


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  • "The Source and the Servant is a tribute project, for sure, but every song here very much belongs to Bow Thayer. Whatever mix of woodshed practice, crossroad deals with dapper devils and guided ayahuasca ceremony it takes to make those blues your own, Thayer passed that point many moons ago." - Seven Days
  • ​A "king of experimentation and crossing boundaries," "Bow’s uncanny ability to pay homage while making this collection something contemporary is where the magic lies." - Red Line Roots
  • "[Sundowser] doesn’t actually sound like anyone despite some of the familiar flavors that are apparent. And therein lies the talent of Bow Thayer.  This is like progressive-Americana music." - No Depression
  • "On Sundowser, we hear a musician who is fully in charge, writing even better music than previously" - Vermont Today
  • "Think of a jam between Dave Matthews, Frank Zappa and The Band – with a cameo from Bela Fleck – and you almost get the effect: virtuosic complexities from a remarkable instrumentalist" - American Songwriter
  • "[Sundowser] is nothing short of exceptionally put together from the start to finish" - Bozeman Magazine
  • “His latest music video for his track ‘So We Build’ is a representation of Thayer himself: bold, creative, and slightly enigmatic in the best way.” - Elmore Magazine
  • "The creative vision is stunning and he will no doubt take Americana into new sonic territory" -Americana Music Show
  • "Sundowser brings serious depth to everything from bluegrass and psychedelic rock to folk and prog-rock." - Seven Days 
  • The Alternate Root's Top 20 Bands Pushing The Envelope and Top 100 Albums For 2013 - "Thayer writes deep, heavily textured music with complex layers both sonically and lyrically and has the band and the chops to pull it all together." - The Alternate Root
  • “It says something special about an artist when the legendary Levon Helm plays drums on your previous recordings” - Twang Nation
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